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Obtain Insights into consumer behavior at levels of visual attention, attraction, liking and memory of any marketing stimulus for any of the following applicable.

Eye Insights

Consumer Buying Behavior

POS Shopper Study - Retail

Insights of shoppers' behavior at the point of sale by literally seeing from their eyes.

- Know the current situation of your product

- Improves space, distribution and visibility on the shelf.

- Observe your Shopper's purchasing behavior, seeing from their eyes. 

* Tobii Glasses Eye Tracking / Virtual Shelf

Eye Tracking - Packaging

Packaging Studies

Visual appeal of the packaging

Before launching your new packaging, let's analyze it from the eyes of the Shopper:


- Which design is the most visually attractive

- Which one will they look at first/longest?

- Which generates a greater impulsiveness to take it and be bought at the POS.

* Tobii Glasses Eye Tracking / Virtual Shelf

Eye Insights

Advertising Analytics

Visual attractiveness measurement

Are you planning to launch an advertising campaign? While media agencies ensure the effectiveness of the media placement, they may not guarantee the visual and emotional effectiveness of the content.

 Make sure that your ads are observed, remembered, and evoke the expected emotions by measuring with us.

Eye Tracking - Web

Web UX & Design

Web Studies & Mobile Apps

Gain insights of user's visual behavior through their browsing experience, purchase decision, reading, visibility of key buttons, etc., with the aim of having complete and reliable information for decision-making and site improvements on any device.

Hey Insights - Focus Groups

Traditional Studies

Qualitative and Quantitative

Traditional studies from the experience of Eye Insights, in alliance with the best market research companies.

Qualitative studies using eyetracking Tobii Glasses.

Tobii Glasses Eye Tracker Device_edited.jpg

Customized solutions

Transform your vision into results

- Eye Tracking Tobii Glasses Rental


- Online Eye Tracking Studies

- Product testing (measurement of emotional impact when seeing, smelling, and tasting).

- Political Neuro Marketing

- Neuroscience Applied to Sports

-Visual attractiveness studies of printed and digital materials (magazines, catalogs, etc.).

- Visual Media Performance

- Research and Training for Industries (Simulators, Cockpits, Control Rooms)

Why Eye Insights?

Setting a higher standard

We literally see through the eyes of the consumer

In addition to traditional market research, we observe and analyze second by second what the consumer observes, does and says, obtaining insights that even the subject of the study does not have knowledge of himself.

Don't just Market, Neuromarket

Traditional market research is very useful for obtaining consumer information, however, adding eye tracking or some biometric technology with the correct know-how allows us to obtain deeper Insights with objective, neuroscientific, video support.

More Insights,
lower cost

Observe on video what your Target sees, feels, remembers, does and says, at a lower cost than any market study, with eye tracking or any other biometric/feedback technology.

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